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The right route for your career

For more than 53 years, The Needham Group has provided the highest level of service to clients, while creating a positive, productive environment for employees.   We have the skills of a large company and the agility of a small one. This allows us to be nimble in the areas where we stand out.


You are free to let your talents shine. We do not have the hierarchies of some big companies and we expect you to take responsibility for your actions. Our small company pace means quick decisions are made on your work.   While we are successful, we are not complacent. We strive to be better, never settling for anything less than the best.


Our salaries and rewards are some of the most competitive around. We work hard to offer varied and exciting careers.   We know it takes smart individuals to make the best team. Join us and you will work with people who will support you, share their knowledge and experience, and want to learn from you.