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Working to create a better future

The Needham Group’s strategy is to reduce any potentially adverse impacts of its operations and strive to enhance the positive benefit of it’s products and services.   Management at all levels are held responsible and accountable for the environmental performance.


Our head office, research centre and manufacturing facilities in Whitchurch, Shropshire, are powered by solar.   This not only means that we drastically reduce our carbon footprint, but also that we are able to assist others by feeding back our surplus energy to the national grid.

It is the duty of every employee to follow instruction, ensuiring that their acts do not have an adverse effect on the environment. Accordingly, the aim of the Company is to prevent environmental incidents and pollution through the following commitments and actions:

Develop processes & plans which, as far as is reasonably practicable with all available knowledge & information, are safe & without any negative impact on the environment

Operate and maintain plans within the designated safety criteria throughout their working life.

Set annual improvement objectives and targets and review these to ensure that these are being met.

Provide for appropriate dissemination of information on Environmental Safety through suitable communication.

Involve all employees and interested parties in the implementation of this policy and provide appropriate training or information and also make them aware of their Environmental obligations.

Our policy is reviewed annually in order to ascertain its continued suitability for the Company’s operations.