We are a family-owned company and are likely to always be. The readiness to fully commit oneself to the company in good times as well as bad is something that applies in equal measure to everyone who works for The Needham Group companies and divisions. We consider ourselves to be constantly learning, continually improving and proud of our dedication to satisfy our customers. All our dealings are marked by fairness, moderation, and trust.


We want to satisfy our customers, staff, owners and society in equal measure. In each of our areas of activity we are regarded as leaders, both in terms of technology and organization. We strive to achieve continuous growth far above average for the sectors in which we operate in. We aim for an operating margin that enables us to afford high expenditure on research and development as well as investments made by our own efforts. Our activities both outside and inside our company reflect commitment, openness, trust and sustainability.


The same performance and quality expectations followed by the entire company are also placed on our employees. As well as a fair system of remuneration, the safeguarding of jobs is a high priority for us. We promote our employees’ personal and professional competence. Creative freedom is just as important as a readiness to express and to accept fair criticism. Our behaviour is marked by mutual respect.