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Our Priorities

Balancing business growth with impact


The Needham Group is aware that we have to balance our growing business with the potential impact that we may have on the environment and the communities in which we work.   In order to deliver sustainable success, our objective is to operate efficiently, minimise our environmental impact wherever possible, work in an ethically and socially considerate manner and build confidence and trust with our customers.


The Needham Group is committed to achieving the highest environmental standards. Our environmental strategy is to reduce potentially adverse impacts of operations and to strive to innovate and enhance the positive benefit of our products and services.


The Needham Group is committed to preventing all accidents. That is why everyone has the right to stop an operation if they think it may not be safe. To help achieve our ambition we put in place initiatives to keep our people, customers, suppliers, sub-contractors and the environments in which they operate safe.


As a key player in the inks and marking lasers businesses, we are aware of the importance of having sustainable & environmentally safe products and technology. We continue to push for more efficient products which not only improve performance and durability but also reduce environmental impacts.


Skilled, motivated and effective people are of upmost importance to our business. We are committed to attracting and retaining the best people, and pride ourselves on our ability of developing them to ensure they achieve their full potential.