Needham Coding Distribution


Acting as Needham Coding’s fulfilment and distribution arm, the company’s mission is to expand the reach of Needham’s marking systems to all corners of the globe.


Since its launch of the N-SERIES continuous inkjet printers in 2017, Needham Coding Distribution has partnered with distributors worldwide to bring its selection of leading-edge marking systems to markets far and wide. Amongst its products are the N-SERIES and S-SERIES inkjet printers, alongside a diverse range of accessories and fluids. As a specialist in the inkjet and laser marking industry, Needham Coding Distribution has built a reputation as an expert in the field.


Needham Coding Distribution is actively seeking to partner with distributors within the coding and marking industry. If you are interested in discussing the possibility of obtaining our unique range of products to sell in your country, please get in touch by filling in the form on the contact page.