Needham Laser

Needham Laser Technologies was introduced to The Needham Group in early 2019 when it launched its range of laser marking systems. Drawing on decades of distribution experience in the laser industry, Needham Laser engineers were able to use their familiarity with the market to deliver cutting-edge and feature-rich laser systems that accommodate a plethora of industries.


The N-Lase range of laser systems offers businesses an advanced selection of small to large industrial marking solutions. The N-Lase Desktop and Desktop Pro will fit snuggly into any workshop or factory and mark text, shapes, logos or barcodes on multiple substrates. The N-Lase Benchtop and Workstation are the Desktop’s bigger cousin, which boast industrial scale marking features and power. Lastly, the N-Lase Integrated is designed to be incorporated into your production line for best before, part number, expiry dates and other coding applications.


We are proud to manufacture quality products that are made in Britain, as well as support the next generation of engineers in the UK. Besides, we are confident that having 100% control of our production process in-house allows us to offer superior and more affordable products to each of our customers. In fact, we strive to source as many parts and components within a 20-mile radius to our manufacturing facility in Whitchurch, Shropshire.


Laser marking, engraving and etching systems for a variety of applications, including metals, plastics, organics and more.


Needham Laser Technologies